Data Change Log

This page lists updates and changes to site data across FLUXNET dataset releases. Retired sites will have explanations submitted by the PIs. For further information, please contact the PIs.

FLUXNET2015 – November 2016

New Sites Added AU-Gin, AU-How, AU-Lox, AU-Stp, AU-TTE, AU-Wac, AU-Wom, AU-Ync, CA-Man, CA-Oas, CA-Obs, CA-TP4, CH-Dav, CH-Lae, CH-Oe2, CZ-wet, DE-Geb, DE-Lnf, DE-RuR, DE-Seh, DK-Fou, FI-Let, FI-Lom, FI-Sod, FR-LBr, IT-Col, IT-Cpz, IT-MBo, NO-Blv, RU-Tks, SN-Dhr, US-ARb, US-ARc, US-GBT, US-GLE, US-KS1, US-Me3, US-Me4, US-Me5, US-ORv, US-Prr, US-Tw4, US-Wi1, US-Wi2, US-Wi5, US-Wi7, US-Wi8
Updated Sites AU-ASM, AU-Cpr, AU-Cum, AU-DaP, AU-DaS, AU-Rig, AU-Tum, AU-Whr, CA-TP1, CH-Cha, CH-Fru, CH-Oe1, CZ-BK2, IT-BCi, IT-CA2, IT-CA3, IT-Tor, RU-Cok, SD-Dem, US-Los, US-Myb, ZM-Mon
Notes All sites were processed with a new processing code version (v3). Here are the resulting changes:

  1. The ERA-Interim downscaled variables have been introduced for each site. This covers the complete record (1989-2014). For more information, check out the descriptions here.
  2. The following additional variables have been included in all datasets where available: RH, PPFD_DIF, PPFD_DIF_QC, PPFD_OUT, PPFD_OUT_QC.

FLUXNET2015 – July 2016

New Sites Added BR-Sa1, CA-NS2, CA-TP1, CA-TP3, CA-TPD, DE-SfN, FR-Fon, IT-BCi, US-Atq, US-Cop, US-KS2, US-LWW, US-Me1, US-Me2, US-NR1, US-PFa, US-SRC, US-SRG, US-Sta, US-Tw1, US-Tw2, US-Twt, US-UMB, US-Wi0, US-Wi3, US-Wi4, US-Wi6, US-Wi9
Updated Sites AU-Dry, BE-Bra, CA-NS1, CZ-BK1, DE-Zrk, DK-Sor, DK-ZaF, DK-ZaH, FR-Pue, GF-Guy, IT-CA1, IT-Cp2, IT-Lav, IT-Noe, RU-Fyo, US-Me6, US-Tw3
Notes All sites were processed with a new processing code version (v2). Here are the resulting changes:

  1. The following additional variables have been included in all datasets where available: WD, WD_QC, USTAR, USTAR_QC, RH, RH_QC, NETRAD, NETRAD_QC, PPFD_IN, PPFD_IN_QC, SW_DIF, SW_DIF_QC, SW_OUT, SW_OUT_QC, LW_OUT, LW_OUT_QC, G_F_MDS, G_F_MDS_QC. For more information, check out the descriptions here.

FLUXNET2015 – December 2015

New Sites Added AR-SLu, AR-Vir, AT-Neu, AU-Ade, AU-ASM, AU-Cpr, AU-Cum, AU-DaP, AU-DaS, AU-Dry, AU-Emr, AU-Fog, AU-GWW, AU-RDF, AU-Rig, AU-Rob, AU-Tum, AU-Whr, BE-Bra, BE-Lon, BE-Vie, BR-Sa3, CA-Gro, CA-NS1, CA-NS3, CA-NS4, CA-NS5, CA-NS6, CA-NS7, CA-Qfo, CA-SF1, CA-SF2, CA-SF3, CA-TP2, CG-Tch, CH-Cha, CH-Fru, CH-Oe1, CN-Cha, CN-Cng, CN-Dan, CN-Din, CN-Du2, CN-Du3, CN-Ha2, CN-HaM, CN-Qia, CN-Sw2, CZ-BK1, CZ-BK2, DE-Akm, DE-Gri, DE-Hai, DE-Kli, DE-Lkb, DE-Obe, DE-RuS, DE-Spw, DE-Tha, DE-Zrk, DK-Eng, DK-NuF, DK-Sor, DK-ZaF, DK-ZaH, ES-Amo, ES-LgS, ES-LJu, ES-Ln2, FI-Hyy, FI-Jok, FR-Gri, FR-Pue, GF-Guy, GH-Ank, IT-CA1, IT-CA2, IT-CA3, IT-Cp2, IT-Isp, IT-La2, IT-Lav, IT-Noe, IT-PT1, IT-Ren, IT-Ro1, IT-Ro2, IT-SR2, IT-SRo, IT-Tor, JP-MBF, JP-SMF, MY-PSO, NL-Hor, NL-Loo, NO-Adv, PA-SPn, PA-SPs, RU-Che, RU-Cok, RU-Fyo, RU-Ha1, RU-Sam, RU-SkP, RU-Vrk, SD-Dem, SE-St1, US-AR1, US-AR2, US-ARM, US-Blo, US-CRT, US-Goo, US-Ha1, US-IB2, US-Ivo, US-Lin, US-Los, US-Me6, US-MMS, US-Myb, US-Ne1, US-Ne2, US-Ne3, US-Oho, US-SRM, US-Syv, US-Ton, US-Tw3, US-UMd, US-Var, US-WCr, US-Whs, US-Wkg, US-WPT, ZA-Kru, ZM-Mon
Retired Sites DK-ZaF

Date Retired: March 1st 2016


The data from the DK-ZaF site have been removed from the December 2015 release of the FLUXNET2015 data product after the PI discovered an error in the anemometer data acquisition that could have a strong effect on the fluxes. The PI is working to solve the problem and will try to submit the corrected data in time for the next release.